Green belt are 69% of square

When I went outside of airport and inhaled, I felt the really fresh air. Maybe after Moscow you can have that feeling in a lot of places. But It still was airport near the capital. Couple of hours later I read that 69 percent of Vilnius are green belt. First time I was thinking that is only officially, cause of suburbs, but when I started to walk, I recognized that it’s really true. It’s difficult not to find a little park if you just walking through center.



On the top of the hill there is Gediminas Tower. It’s not only interesting historical place, it’s the good place to sit, relax and enjoy the view. In the evening a lot of tourist and local people like to be there. Despite the quantity of people this place doesn’t look noisy even if somebody took a guitar and sings.

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The road to the Tower isn’t long but nice, because it’s rocky road and you see the park and trees around you.



And couple of photos with view from the hill.



The evening Vilnius.


Actually it’s not only one reason to visit Vilnius. There are a lot of interesting historical place, for example old part of town. And there really tasty baked goods which doesn’t depend on place where you buy it, so both donut from supermarket and pancake from restaurant are fabulous. But for me this green atmosphere is one of the strongest impression of Vilnius.

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