Seacoast in Palanga

Palanga is the beautiful place for the recreation if you don’t like a high temperature but like the sea, sand beaches and a pine forest.

If you want to swim, it could depend on your own luck. It could be hot and windless or it could be a strong wind and temperature like 15-17 °С.

In Palanga there the pier which ends on 400 metres distance from the coastline.

pier Palanga Palanga 3

pier Palanga 2 pier Palanga 4

It’s interesting to be in the open sea and stay without swinging. The view from the pier is pleasant but nothing special.

Palanga pier Palanga 3

This place is really popular for a power kite.

Palanga 2

Beaches are clean and in some places you could sea something unexpected. Maybe it’s not good idea to sit there on the sand beach, but it’s more comfortable then tipical beach seats.

Palanga 2

Palanga is the good place for walking and relax. We wanted to stay there more then five days, but we couldn’t. Maybe next time.

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