The park near Bastion mountain and the Opera in Riga

Maybe I didn’t visit a lot of countries, but before this trip I saw park, which had all circumstances of my favorite park, only in two cities: New York and Melbourne. Riga is the first place where I found a park which is perfect for me.

This park is situated in the center near Opera House. It looks like a popular place for recreation and you can sit or lie on any lawn. In the same time lawns are clean.

people people2

path path2

There a lot of boats (real and models) on the little river which flows through the park.



There some fountains in the river.

fountain4 fountain


Riga Opera House.

opera house 2 opera house

Just nice fountain.


Of course there some bridge. One of them looks really beautiful in night (see next post), other is popular for snaping the lock on the wedding.



A lot of big trees and even little waterfall which flow from the Bastion mountain.



On the top of Bastion mountain there bechs. Actually it’s part of the modern art, but it’s not a problem to sit on it.


If you want to feed birds, you’ll become popular for a lot of species.


Really, it’s not a big park, but it costs to visit it, even make a little picnic.

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