Moscow: the park near Mazilovo pond

.A lot of parks could be little, but they can be interesting. Here I write about a little park in 25 munites from center of Moscow by metro. This park is situated around Mazilovo pond near Pionerskaya metro station.



Actually, Maziliovo pond is really old. It created in 18th centuary, when dam through Filka river was created. Nowdays is completely packed into a underground tube, so it’s difficult to see it on the map, or find a coast.

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In 2013 the park was founded, and it became a popular place for walking, picnics or just sitting on herb and feeding ducks.


Some people go fishing here.


But most visitors prefer to organize picnics for the whole family.


The garage near the park covered by graffitti, so it could emphasize the atmosphere of park.


Thus the park is not so big or popular like Fili park, which is situated not so far from Mazilovo, but it still worth to visit.

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