Follow the Volga: Tver

The middle of August is a good time to visit Tver. To get there you need just 1,5 hours by train “Lastochka” if you are in Moscow. Moreover, I am sure it worths it.

Actually, Tver is not so big as Moscow, but it’s a little bit older town with a rich and interesting history. That is why there some reasons to visit museums or just walking through the town.

In this post I just show some views of Volga in Tver, because this great river is one of great advantages of the town.

Despite the fact that Tver is situated not so far from the Volga river source, it is pretty wide in this town. And some views are fascinating. Even in the town coasts are covered by herd and trees, so it could be very pleasant to walk there.


Not only is the Volga used by ships, but a lot of kayakers practice there. Especcially, it could be nice in this kind of weather.



Yachts look popular here as well as kayaks or even more.


If you are on a rivercoast, it is impossible not to take a picture of sunset.



And the tree which tries to grow on the rocks near water.


To conclude, Tver is a beautiful town on the Volga river coast, which has beautiful view, and this is the first reason to visit it.

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